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Want a Vacation Tip? … Tip!

killeen travelBy Nigel Farthington III

People in the Hospitality Industry are some of the hardest working, and too often the poorest paid, folks out there.

Most true Texans are friendly and polite. When I meet someone rude I automatically assume they’re from somewhere other than the Lone Star State. So … when you go on vacation take your courtesy and warm smile with you. It will make all the difference. Continue Reading…

Save Vacation Money – “Off Season”

killeen travelBy Nigel Farthington III

In our last entry we spoke about saving on flights by going in the middle of the week when fewer people are traveling. And we touched on booking your vacation outside of Peak Season. Unless money means nothing to you (must be nice) then consider being flexible with your plans. You have little to lose and a whole lot to save. Continue Reading…

Save Money on Your Airline Bookings

Killeen TravelBy Nigel Farthington III

Nothing can ruin your short trip or well-deserved vacation faster than discovering that a friend or even the passenger sitting next to you on the flight paid one-third or even half as much as you did. You’re both going to the same place on the same flight, right? Continue Reading…

How to Pick Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Killeen Travel By Nigel Farthington III

There are countless honeymoon destinations around the world which offer newlyweds the promise of memories they will treasure for a lifetime … or as long as the marriage lasts … whichever comes first. Continue Reading…