Baby Boomers Have Become Experts In ‘All-Inclusive Vacations’

travel killeenUnfortunately, while that may have been the case some years ago, things have definitely changed in today’s travel world. Now there are several factors that come into play such as the type of vacation taken (i.e. cruise, vacation resort, or tour) as well as the vacation supplier.

Oftentimes when taking a cruise all meals, drinks, activities, entertainment, and amenities are included while on the ship but the air fare and off ship excursions will not be included in the initial price paid.

In the case of vacation resorts ‘all-inclusive’ may differ depending on the resort. For example, at some resorts all meals, drinks, and activities are included while other resorts have limitations on the type of meals or drinks that are included (i.e. continental breakfast only, or no gourmet dinners), or the types of drinks that are included (i.e. alcoholic beverages will consist of ‘well’ drinks only).

Certain activities within the resort might be included such as; use of the gym, steam room, hot tubs, and non-motorized water sports that would encompass sail boats, canoes, or snorkeling. However, excluded charges might be golf greens fees, motorized water sports, scuba diving gear, in room Wi-Fi, meeting facilities, laundry services, and the daily newspaper.

Travelers that have reached, or are approaching, retirement are exploring low-maintenance vacations that offer products and services designed and customized specifically for them. They seek out vacations that include convenience and more amenities.

Many resorts are improving their ‘all-inclusive’ packages to meet the demands of these travelers. Some resorts now operate a variety of full-service restaurants to tantalize the palates of vacationers and night clubs that offer entertainment with ‘high quality’ alcoholic beverages to guests instead of simply ‘well’ drinks. Other resorts take pleasing guests a step further.

For instance, an all-inclusive package at the St. Thomas Resort in the Virgin Island can include an Ocean View Room, All Meals and Beverages, Non-Motorized Water Sports, Private Receptions and Parties, Vacation Capture Videography and an Onsite Vacation Concierge.

When exploring and evaluating all-inclusive vacations it is imperative to be on guard for “Hidden” charges (i.e. airport transfer, holiday/weekend surcharges, checked baggage fees, tourist card fees, and departure taxes). In some cases there may also be resort fees-which can range from $10-$30 per room per night payable directly to the hotel.

Baby Boomers have traveled much more than their predecessors. While previous generations waited until after retirement to travel, Boomers began traveling while still in school. Most of them have adopted the attitude “Been there-Done that” and they are impressed with their own ability to have a measure of control in designing their travel experience. They realize that they are a dynamic consumer force and for them-a bargain is getting a good price on something of great value.

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