Baby Boomers Reject Traditional Retirement

Webster’s definition of Retirement is; the time when you are officially too old to work; or when you no longer have to work for an earned income. Retirement is a transition from work life to life after work.

What is commonly known About Retirement?

1. Not working when one reaches a certain age and adapting to a life of leisure activities

2. Pension/Retirement Plans which are expected to allow one to live the remainder of their days comfortably without employment

3. Social Security a financial allotment provided after reaching the designated age specified by the Social Security Administration. Which may or may not allow for a comfortable living because it will be a severely reduced fixed income

Society’s definition of retirement in the eyes of Baby Boomers means to get old and relinquish control to others, which Boomers have no intention of doing. In as much as Boomers are willing to realize they are aging, they are unwilling to accept that they are getting old.

Baby Boomers consider themselves to be middle-ageless, not old; they will reinvent, not retire. Boomers place the focus on the next stage of life; they consider their needs, interests, and opportunities.

Older people are portrayed as frail, dependent, and passive-not so for the Baby Boomer population. These pioneers are now asking themselves; where do I want to go from here? Where ever that is I want it to be meaningful to me.

Baby Boomers have big ideas, hopes, dreams and aspirations about new directions and fresh pursuits. Their spirit is evident in the shared belief that they can have an impact and make a difference for a better society. They are passionate about what they can do, what they have to contribute as individuals, how they can get involved and what they can do to help.

According to a recent survey, 80% of Boomers expect to work in some capacity even after they retire. Boomers who remain a part of the workforce at age fifty and older strive to exceed the expectations of their employers more so than their younger coworkers.

Experts suggest that Baby Boomers prefer spending their leisure time around the house expressing themselves by making home improvements, gardening, cooking from scratch or by redecorating. Baby Boomers fully intend to keep working along with spending more time at home and they plan to accomplish this balance by setting up home offices.

Studies show that the fastest-growing age group of folks who are starting their own business are Baby Boomers. The two primary reasons that boomers are launching businesses are either because they did not adequately prepare for retirement or they are looking for something satisfying and interesting to do during their retirement years. You see, Baby Boomers reject society’s reference to ‘The Golden Years’ because it suggests a leisure only existence in a senior citizen housing community.

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