clubbarbadosBarbados is quickly becoming the world’s top travel destinations. Barbados is known for its beautiful climate, amazing food, friendly people and stunning landscapes.  There is so much to do there you will never run out of activities during your trip.. The top things that are recommended you do while in Barbados is.. 

Rent a car and go explore the island. There are so many things to see, so many wonderful people that leaving the hotel and driving the island is a must.

Barbados is know for its fish fries. Definitely check out one of the many restaurants that have them.

Ride the Atlantis Submarine. Its an experience of a lifetime. You’ll travel 100 feet under water and see the most amazing coral reefs.

St Nicolas Abbey is a tour of a mansion that will show you what life was like over 75 years ago and learn how rum was made on the grounds.

Then take a Run Distiller Tour and learn how rum is made and bottled up.


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