TheCaribbean_UpperLevelMapsDuring the day the Caribbean is a tropical destination that has beautiful sands, clear waters, endless water activities and delicious foods. Exploring the islands you will find relaxing places to visit with flowing waterfalls and warm perfect weather. Ever wanted to zip-line, go diving or paragliding? The Caribbean has it all.

Then when the sun goes down, everywhere is a party! There is a party for everyone. The hotels provide private serene facilities to have parties or weddings. Want to travel over to another island? No problem. There are constant charter boats available.

The Caribbean has year end parties that you shouldn’t miss. Grenada’s Carriacou Parang Festival & The National Day Celebration

Grenada’s Carriacou Parang Festival is a 3 day music festival that showcases the island type of music with strings and percussion.

The National Day Celebration starts on December 13th and goes right into the New Year. It includes music festivals, market festivals, sports festivals and one feast after the next.

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