Carnival Cruise

carnivalcruiseNow that the holidays are coming to an end time to relax. Carnival Cruise has amazing prices and all inclusive deals for their cruises that make it affordable to get away even after all the expenses of the holidays. Carnival Cruise goes to the following destinations:

  • Alaska
  • Australia
  • Bahamas
  • Caribbean
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Pacific Islands
  • Panama Canal
  • New England

Carnival has multiple shows and restaurants on board you can view the on board activities here

The rooms range from Regular to Cloud 9 Spa Rooms. Cloud 9 Spa Rooms give you that Spa feel and you can enjoy perks such as private spa access.

Carnival has several different ships that you can view here. Each ship has its own special features that you can view by clicking the plus sign by the picture.

The Shore Excursions are the best possible stops for your cruise. “We’ve hand-selected experiences that’ll get you exploring under the sea, flying high in the air, sightseeing among ancient ruins or relaxing on a beach” according to Carnival.Com

Carnival is a great choice for a cruise. There are several ships and destinations to choose from. Book a cruise today at BirdsParasiseTravel.Com

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