Gastronomic Globe-Trotting

By Jessica Pearce

It may be true that the “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but the old saying actually holds true for both sexes.  Eating is one of the most universal pleasures of life and, when combined with an unexplored destination, can be extraordinary.

Consider caching in on an increasingly popular traveling trend:  the gastronomic vacation. Gastronomy refers to both the “art of good eating” and “the relationship between culture and food” (

Ponder this:  every country and region has its own distinct flavors, dishes and food traditions.  At nearly three points in every day you will have to stop and eat something.  In many countries the restaurant and culinary choices may be so limitless it can actually be daunting to an empty stomach and a mind faint from hunger.  An adept travel agent can book you ahead of time with a culinary tour group specializing in your country of interest, interweaving food, sightseeing and cultural activities so that all your senses are involved in your vacation.

How does one go about narrowing down where in the world to eat (and relax)?  It begins with your palate.  Are you an adventurous eater, do you prefer spicy food, or are you a seafood connoisseur?  Once you have created your own personal inventory of food tastes and preferences, the fun begins.  Is there a country you’ve always dreamed about visiting?  Do your ancestors come from another country you’ve wanted to reclaim as your own?   From these questions, narrow down to specifics—do you prefer the outer wilds or city life?  Do you prefer cultures with people who are verbally expressive and flamboyant, or cultures whose people are reserved and orderly?  Begin to look for common themes between both your food inventory and your country wish list—are there similarities?  You will likely find that as your personality and preferences go, so goes your palate.

Armed with your newly-culled lists, visit your travel specialists at Birds Paradise Travel.  We are trained to take your many needs and desires and merge them into the perfect vacation for you.  We will connect you with vetted tour groups who specialize in gastronomic vacations of all kinds in countries the world over.  Come visit us today and let us satisfy your stomach and your soul.

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