Romantic Weekend Breaks

Romantic Weekend Breaks

Romantic weekend breaks can be a challenge, but they are well worth a little effort and preparation. The first step is to make sure that both people have a great time! Taking time to think about what your partner would enjoy on a trip is key, whether that may be golfing, fishing, enjoying a massage or just relaxing. There is something for everyone.

Romantic weekend breaks doesn’t necessarily mean roses, champagne and bubble baths. Although this is great for some, it doesn’t appeal to everyone. By using a little creativity you can turn a regular weekend into a memorable romantic getaway sure to make your significant other smile.

A few things to think about while planning romantic weekend breaks is your budget, time, what type of activities you and your partner would enjoy together, and a few that may be enjoyed separately like golfing for the guy while the lady gets a massage. There are so many options to choose from while planning a getaway. You shouldn’t limit yourself to horseback riding on a beach while sipping champagne and eating chocolate. The focus of a romantic getaway is to enjoy each other’s company while making memories and always having fun!

Time and budget constraints might be an excuse not to plan a romantic weekend break, but with so many options there is something for everyone’s budget and schedule. A quick getaway out of town can be refreshing for a couple that just needs to get away from the daily routine.

Here’s a checklist of things to remember when planning romantic weekend breaks:

  • As soon as you decide when you’re going, request time off from work.
  • Once you choose where to go, make reservations early.
  • Don’t schedule too much into your romantic weekend breaks. Leave time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Plan your budget ahead of time but include extra money to allow for spontaneity.
  • When making plans, decide what type of accommodations the two of you would most enjoy – downtown hotel, beach villa, rustic lodge, or cozy bed and breakfast.
  • Ask about amenities, such as a large bathtub, fireplace, king-sized bed, and a patio or balcony with a great view.
  • Research nearby places to enjoy some relaxing romantic time together, such as a picnic location, beach walk, mountain trail, etc.
  • Make reservations at a nearby romantic restaurant.
  • Arrange to have champagne and flowers waiting in the room, ready for your arrival.

A little planning can go a long way to help the two of you enjoy romantic weekend breaks.

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