Save Money on Your Airline Bookings

Killeen TravelBy Nigel Farthington III

Nothing can ruin your short trip or well-deserved vacation faster than discovering that a friend or even the passenger sitting next to you on the flight paid one-third or even half as much as you did. You’re both going to the same place on the same flight, right?

Your friend liked your choice of vacation destinations and they booked the same resort, just a few weeks after your trip. But your friend will be shopping with the money they saved on the exact flights and hotel. They may even remember to bring you back a nice gift … a token of their vacation which cost half as much as yours.

So what’s the difference between their trip or vacation and yours? Simple really. Remember one key word and you can end up saving literally hundreds of dollars … “Be Flexible.” OK … so that’s two words. But we’re talking about you keeping a boat load of money in your pocket and still having a great vacation.

Airlines and hotels are like any other business when it comes to pricing. Economics101 teaches the Immutable Law of Supply and Demand. In other words, the same flight can cost you a whole lot less if you book it for the middle of the week … fewer people are flying. And your wonderful hotel looking out over the Caribbean will cost you a whole lot less if you book your vacation a few short weeks before or after peak season. Supply and Demand.

Give us a call … we know how to save you money when you travel and vacation.

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