Save Vacation Money – “Off Season”

killeen travelBy Nigel Farthington III

In our last entry we spoke about saving on flights by going in the middle of the week when fewer people are traveling. And we touched on booking your vacation outside of Peak Season. Unless money means nothing to you (must be nice) then consider being flexible with your plans. You have little to lose and a whole lot to save.

We spoke about Supply & Demand. If a wonderful hotel … the one you’re dreaming about … has two rooms available for the week and five couples want to book it … the price goes through the roof. That’s called “Peak Season”. It’s great for the hotel but not for your vacation budget.

And what do you get when you vacation during Peak Season? The plane is packed and you are swept along like cattle being crammed into a Texas stockyard. Even cows don’t like being treated like cattle so why should you?

If you vacation during Peak Season chances are you will arrive at your destination flustered, exhausted and ill-tempered. But that’s OK because you’ll change into your swimsuit and head straight for a peaceful cabana on the beach or a lounge by the pool. Oh wait! No cabanas available … no lounge to stretch out on by the pool? No quiet, romantic dinner for two? Nope! Your hotel, your restaurant, your beach … everything is packed!

It’s Peak Season! And for their hard work the International Widget Manufacturing Company is rewarding their employees with a vacation of a lifetime. Rewarding them, their spouses, children, in-laws best friends and even casual acquaintances with a stay at the very hotel you’ve chosen to spend a quiet week relaxing in the sun and swimming in the sea. You booked during Peak Season!

Unless you thrive on being part of the madding crowd while on vacation … call us. We’ll save you a lot of money with just one simple word … “Off Season Vacation”. OK, OK! Three words … but it’s your money and your vacation.

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