Spring Break 2014

springThe memories of college spring break of this year is still fresh in the memories of most students and they already excited for the upcoming spring vacation with many more ideas and new destinations in the travel list. A vacation trip has a lot of significance in a college student’s life as it gives him the opportunity to undertake new adventures and challenges and also encourages him to use his free time to do some community work. These types of experiences not only help the students in enriching themselves but also teach them to take decisions independently.

When deciding for spring break the first question that overwhelms most college students is which place to go? Some popular destinations that lead the list of destinations in America are the ones that have something special about them. One of them is Miami who’s warm and stunning beaches have allured many tourists towards it. Another preferred and beautiful spring location is San Diego and New Orleans that offers great surrounding and favorable weather during this time of the year. For students who want to indulge in some gambling and the Casino atmosphere excites them, Las Vegas is the perfect destination. Another favorite is the New York City and seems to attract college students from far and wide owing its popularity as the cultural center and also as a great hub for fashion, commerce and entertainment. Apart from this there are innumerable big and small destinations in America which can selected from for students planning for spring break 2014.

The next issue that puzzles the students while gearing up for college spring break is the things to pack for the trip. It is a great idea to make a list of things to be carried and then do packing accordingly. This list of things depends on the destination chosen for spring break 2014 and also the number of days one plans to go for vacation trip. Some common things to be taken can easily be shared if the group is a big one. Personal things however need to be taken care of individually. The students must find out the weather to be expected in the area they would be travelling and pack their clothing accordingly. Apart from that things needed for personal care like creams and lotions, items of personal hygiene, basic medicines and first aid kits, and all basic devices that are required to keep you connected with friends and family.

It is easier said than done but it is always helpful if one travels light. Don’t stuff your bags with unnecessary valuable items as it may be cumbersome for you to carry it. The more compact you are while travelling the more comfortable and easier it is to move around.

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