Strange American Customs

Strange American CustomsBy Nigel Farthington III

So, you love to travel but you find some of the food and local customs in others countries a bit bizarre. Well, here’s some breaking news for you … foreigners feel the same way about us and our strange American customs.

Over 50 million visitors come to the U.S. every year. And, as difficult as it is to believe, many foreign tourists find some of our food and habits rather strange.

How do you explain to a Frenchman attending a Packers football game in Green Bay that he should wear cheese on his head? Though the French may be … well … so French … none of their 629 different kinds of cheese are worn on their heads.

Let the American culinary fun begin. Ever offer a foreign visitor a bowl of southern grits or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on white bread? Ever try to explain to a foreigner how we make Jell-O? (If you don’t know … don’t ask.)

Take your foreign friend to the local convenience store and treat them to a 64 ounce root beer and watch their eyes bug out. There are principalities in Europe, tropical islands in the Pacific and baths in Japan which aren’t that big. Even the former mayor of the Big Apple said the soda cups were too big and he tried to have them outlawed!

For you Texans, want to watch your visiting European or Japanese friend faint? Take them to a gun show.

Want to amaze any European visitor who probably speaks 27 languages fluently. Tell them you only speak one language … and that’s America … not to be confused with English.

Smile and say hello to a new foreign visitor and enjoy the look of absolute shock on their face. They’ve probably heard that Americans (especially Texans) are friendly but they never would have believed they’d personally experience the rush of hearing “Howdy”?

So, you think other countries are a bit strange? You should see how they see us and our strange American customs!

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