The Destination Wedding

What is a destination wedding?  Loosely defined as traveling 2 or more hours or over 100 miles to a wedding site, destination weddings have become de rigueur for couples intent on saving money as well as creating a unique experience for themselves and their guests.

Destination weddings can run the gamut of locations from rustic ranch lodges to cruise ships or exotic tropical resorts.

Many couples have eschewed the idea of the church wedding with a reception hall in favor of a unique location that combines both ceremony and reception space in one. The reasons for this are threefold:  first off, in today’s generation more and more couples are intent on creating a one-of-a-kind environment for their wedding which expresses their own uniqueness and personality as a couple.  For these couples, the wedding is as much about their vows as it is about celebrating who they are together.  When a couple chooses a destination location such as a romantic beach house, they are choosing to share a piece of their own wedding fantasy with their guests.

Another reason couples may choose a destination wedding site is purely practical—it can save money in the end.  Many destination wedding sites are set up to be all-inclusive with ceremony and reception space, an on-hand caterer and florist, a wedding coordinator and/or photographer and a honeymoon suite where the newlywed couple can stay.  Rather than purchasing each of these vendors piecemeal, a destination wedding package with all the amenities may be far less expensive for the couple in the end.

Another financial benefit of destination weddings is that fewer guests may be able to make the trip to the wedding locale.  For couples on a budget wishing to limit their dollar-per-head wedding cost, having only their closest friends and family in attendance may be ideal.

Tied to the financial aspects, a fourth reason many couples favor destination weddings is for the ability to honeymoon in the same location as their wedding.  For example, if a couple chooses to have their wedding at a vineyard and villa in Tuscany, they can simply celebrate their wedding and stay on at the villa, exploring the Tuscan countryside at their leisure.  In this way, the honeymoon becomes an extension of the wedding itself with no time lost in additional travel.

At Birds Paradise Travel, we specialize in creating destination wedding travel packages especially for couples.  Stop by and visit us today and let us help you create your own destination dream come true.

Jessica Pearce, Killeen Daily Herald


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