The Good and the Bad of Business Travel

82981535There are usually 2 reasons that a person travels. Business and pleasure. Here are a few reasons why it can be good and bad to take time to travel for a business reason.

With technology today people need to travel less for business. With the internet and different software programs its easy to have face-to-face meeting without the travel part of it. Even documents can be signed with e-signatures so that also cuts out a reason to travel.

Some advantages of traveling for business are:

Enjoyment- The ability to get out of the office and travel is enjoyable to people. Even if it is for business.

Keeping up on the latest trends. Sometime you need to get out and go to another city to see whats going on and the trends that are coming up there.

Face to face. Sometimes you can get into other business ventures when your present with another company.

Some disadvantages are that it can be very expensive to travel. Airline tickets, car, hotel and food out for the time that your there can really add up.

Sometime the time can seem unproductive. Especially if your busy and you have a lot going on at the office that you need to be there for missed time can be costly as well.

Delayed schedule can be very stressful. You can be late for meetings and miss out on opportunities.

Business and travel has a long-standing relationship and it all goes down to the person’s preference. The meeting can be conducted face to face or perhaps teleconferencing would be more convenient and practical while relieving one of the stress of long travel.

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