Top Ten Romantic Getaways

200389470-001Are you in need of a break from your kids, from the job and the responsibilities of the house? You need to take your spouse and take a trip. You will feel refreshed and get that much needed time together. There are many factors in finding the perfect romantic vacation.  I have compiled a list of the top ten getaways that you should consider.

There are several things that need to be taken in consideration when planning. The weather is a huge factor depending in what you want to do. Beauty is also a factor as well. You want to go to a place that has a beautiful landscape and good environment to spend your time.

Here is our top 10 most romantic getaways list:

1. New York, NY in the winter months – Wonderful views and sight seeing opportunities that many people have never seen before. Great history, and in the winter months the snow accents the beautiful city allowing for romantic ice-skating, or walks in central park.

2. Venice, Italy – Romantic in all aspects, Venice is well rounded for romance. Providing stunning scenery and weather combined with many romantic activities and food makes Venice, Italy one of the most romantic getaways.

3. Vienna, Austria – Possibly the most beautiful city on earth, the architecture and scenery here screams romance.

4. Paris, France – Enchanting cityscape, romantic food, and charming shops place Paris among the top romantic getaways..

5. Zurich, Switzerland – Old town charm with new world excitement, and beautiful mountainous scenery.

6. Monte Carlo, Monaco – With gorgeous weather, mountains, and sea Monte Carlo is truly among the best romantic getaways.

7. Bahamas – Palm trees, oceanfront, beautiful weather, and plenty of fun activities to enjoy makes for a very romantic getaway at the Bahamas.

8. Gold Cost Of Australia – Wide variety of couples activities, amazing weather, and an array of oceanic wildlife.

9. Montrose, Colorado – Mild climate, lush vegetation, and beautiful background scenic mountains make this a very romantic place.

10. St.Johns, Virgin Islands – Serene hideaways, world-class beaches, and called “Love City” by thousands, you can’t go wrong with this romantic getaway.

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