When Making a Travel Insurance Claim

Many companies provide travel insurance that is quick and easy to put in claims. However, as the client, you also have certain responsibilities to make sure you do have the right to make a claim and your situation is actually included in the terms and conditions stated in your policy.

When you have a close relative that is sick and you need to file a claim make sure that you know the terms from the insurance company on what family member is qualified.

In making a single trip travel insurance claim you need proof, which means basically anything and everything you do before you hop into a plane. Of course, before you get receipts or written statements on everything, you should first check out what your policy actually covers (what items or situations) then from there decide how you’ll go about the task of ensuring you have proof of everything. For example, if you’re bringing items that are included in the policy’s list of ‘valuables’ (such as a laptop, digital cameras or other pricey gadgets), then you should have proof of purchase of these items with your name on it. It is also important to note that in the case of theft, you must report it to the local police as soon as possible (within 24 hours is best); the police report will then be used as a basis when you finally file a claim.

Some things that may be valuable to you may not be considered valuable to them for cost replacement.Your insurer’s coverage of your possessions ceases or is no longer in effect once such possessions are stored in a place that is outside your control – specifically in locations that obviously put them at risk for damage or theft.





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